Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Indigo Revolutions and Integrating the Ancient Wisdoms into the Collective Consciousness

February is a short month, with only 28 days, but somehow it seemed to pass even more quickly than usual with the intense energies being activated all around us now. The events in the Middle East and North Africa holding our attention as one country after another begins to feel the energy and the voice of the people as they demand change and democratic governance.

At the same time, we have been in a period of intense and major Solar Flares, which have had the effect of creating electromagnetic storms and flux. This has the effect of activating the Light Body, and is felt by sensitive people often in a physical way. We are certainly entering a period of great change and instability, but one that we have been expecting as we move towards that Moment of Evolution and Shift on our Planet.

I remember that last year Michael said that the Indigo children would be a major factor in the Creation and Leadership of the New Earth. The Indigos are primarily Spiritual Warriors and their purpose as a Soul Group is to break down and challenge old patterns of authority, control and limitation. It is no accident that the recent sweeping revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa have been led by people in the 18 to 30 age group. This is the second wave of Indigos, whose purpose was Empowerment. They are now being activated into their role as bringers of Empowerment, for themselves, but also for their people.

The Indigos are advanced souls, and they are "coded" to know that personal empowerment goes along with group empowerment. They are standing up now and letting the world know that this is the time that they were born for, and that change is here. I have believed for a long time that the Middle East is the key to Global Peace. So much of the conflict and manipulation of the present and the past is focussed in this region, the region of the major stargates that were used in the past, the Sumerian gate in Iraq, the Persian/Assyrian gate in Iran and the Sirian gate in Egypt. It only remains for major change to come to Iran, and the balance of power will shift entirely in this region, and the hold that these stargates still have through the power of the holographic inserts of "religion" will be broken, in favor of the voice of the people.

I think the population in Iran is about 70 percent in the under 30 age group, so it will probably nor be long before the Indigo energy rises there too and the needed changes are made.

And, because the Sun is very active, with major Solar Flares, the energy of Evolution and Change is intensified. We do not know what will happen in this deep period of shift and change in the next 18 months, or even what will happen in the Middle East. I feel that because the revolutions and changes are driven by Indigo energy, it seems unlikely that any form of religious fundamentalism will be able to take hold in the post revolutionary period. It really is a time when the voice of the people will be heard.

The intense Solar energy of Solar Cycle 24 is also causing extreme weather patterns and so called natural disasters. This is also something that we have been warned about in the past. However, please do not fall into fear. I hear dire prophecies about major cities being destroyed and people hoarding food and selling their properties so they can run to somewhere safe. Please know that the whole purpose of this program of Spiritual Change that we have called Ascension, is that there will be enough awakened and enlightened beings on the Planet to ensure that the Shift happens with grace and ease. If you are reading this, then you are probably one of these awakened beings, and it is your purpose to be a center of Calm and Peace in the whirlwinds of change, and not to contribute to the fears and anxieties that many feel.

Remember too, that as the old 3D timelines crumble, it will seem to people that everything is moving too fast and people will start to become stressed. It is our work to assist people to "cross over" to the new timeline of the Higher Dimensions where they can feel peaceful, at peace and empowered to shape their lives in ways that will bring them contentment and joy.

As we prepare for the major shift in Consciousness, we are, as a Collective, also in the process of integrating the Ancient Wisdom. As religious dogma loses its hold on the Collective Psyche, we will be able to reconnect with the Wisdom of the Ancients, who held the keys to living with the Earth in sustainable ways. This is already happening, as many people seek forms of living and spirituality that will align them with the Earth and all her creatures. The Indigenous peoples of the Earth are the Wisdom Keepers of this Knowledge, and in this next 18 month period this Wisdom will be reawakened and integrated into the Collective. The ones who will carry out this task are called the Key Holders, or the Keepers of the Golden Keys. These are Advanced Souls who have had past lifetimes as Indigenous Wisdom Keepers, and their work now is to remember who they are and to step forward to use their "keys" to reactivate Sacred Sites and integrate the Wisdom of the Ancestors.

This integration is important, as important as any healing work that we might do. The Earth needs to integrate All of her "Self"in order to move on, just as we do in our own personal processes. And just as we need to practice the arts of forgiveness, releasing and unconditional love and compassion as individuals, so too will we need to journey through these emotions as we integrate the lost Wisdom of the Indigenous peoples back into our Collective Interconnected Being of Light.

Yes there is much to do and experience as we journey through the flow of time and life in this year that lies ahead. It is the most wonderful adventure of Light and can only be enjoyed if we keep a positive and trusting view of life. Know that we asked to be here, and that we were born for this time. It is happening now, and each one of us is contributing his or her Light and Love exactly as it is meant to be. We all have our Passion and Purpose, we all have our Wisdom, Experience and Knowledge, and we are all Needed and Appreciated as we offer what we are!

And, when we get the hang of surfing these Cosmic Waves of Light, we will find that the rewards are a Deep Joy and an Abundance that is Magical! The Cosmic Waves are the Flow of Diamond Light, the River of Abundant Life that flows from the Cosmic Heart, that is being reconnected and realigned as we navigate into our New Reality!

Monday, February 28, 2011


Or do we?
In Washington , DC , at a Metro Station, on a cold January morning in 2007, this man with a violin played six Bach pieces for about 45 minutes.  During that time, approximately 2,000 people went through the station, most of them on their way to work.  

After about 3 minutes:a middle-aged man noticed that there was a musician playing.  He slowed his pace and stopped for a few seconds, and then he hurried on to meet his schedule.
About 4 minutes later: The violinist received his first dollar.  A woman threw money in the hat and, without stopping, continued to walk. 
At 6 minutes:
  A young man leaned against the wall to listen to him, then looked at his watch and started to walk again. 
At 10 minutes:A 3-year old boy stopped, but his mother tugged him along hurriedly.  The kid stopped to look at the violinist again, but the mother pushed hard and the child continued to walk, turning his head the whole time.  This action was repeated by several other children, but every parent - without exception - forced their children to move on quickly.
At 45 minutes:The musician played continuously.  Only 6 people stopped and listened for a short while.  About 20 gave money, but continued to walk at their normal pace.  The man collected a total of $32.
After 1 hour:He finished playing and silence took over.  No one noticed and no one applauded. 
There was no recognition at all.

No one knew this, but the violinist was
 Joshua Bell
, one of the greatest musicians in the world.  He played oneof the most intricate pieces ever written, with a violin worth $3.5 million dollars.  Two days before, Joshua Bell sold-out a theater in Boston where the seats averaged $100 each to sit and listen to him play the same music.

This is a true story.  Joshua Bell, playing incognito in the D.C. Metro Station, was organized by the Washington Post as part of a social experiment about
 perception,taste, & people's priorities

This experiment raised several questions:
*In a common-place environment, at an inappropriate hour, do we perceive beauty?
If so, do we stop to appreciate it?
Do we recognize talent in an unexpected context?

One possible conclusion reached from this experiment could be this: 
If we do not have a moment to stop and listen to one of the best musicians in the world, playing some of the finest music ever written, with one of the most beautiful instruments ever made. . . 
  How many other things are we missing, as we rush through life?

   Stop, hug a friend, smell the roses, and love someone dearly!

Friday, February 18, 2011


January/February 2011 Newsletter

Christ Jesus through Virginia Essene
Beloved humans of good will and friends of the Love Corps Newsletter,
 It is once again my joy and privilege to achieve this spiritual connection with you and embrace your thoughts and feelings with celestial love and appreciation for your soul’s commitment to this earthly experience you call life. Then feel this infusion of the gold and silver radiances of the Creator’s wisdom and love this very moment so you may be enriched and supported as you persevere during this extraordinary year of unexpected changes. Yes, pause and breathe in the power of this energy right now before I continue this message. Breathe in love and wisdom...and be still!
Be still and know.
Be still and feel God’s eternal loving support.
Since my last message, you have experienced some profound celestial energies from December 21 when you had the winter solstice frequencies and a lunar eclipse followed closely by the solar eclipse energies through January 4–5. These combined the power of what you call the feminine and masculine aspects of love and wisdom so you could more easily cleanse whatever negative thoughts and emotions were still resident in your being, bringing you a more secure state of balance no matter what fearful, external events might occur.
In the same way each of you needs to be emotionally balanced, so must both small and large groups, even entire countries, especially those where greed and avarice dwell and freedom is longed for by the people. In your nation, the United States, and other technological nations, government officials have yet to account to the public about vulnerability in the banking and financial areas. Indeed, duplicity and lies are still hidden to be reckoned with! So the remainder of the year could yet release other hidden, unpalatable facts about individuals, groups, and nations.

When these are discovered, some citizens will feel called to respond with anger and outrage, at various levels and in various ways. So you must allow both the cleansing within each personhood, and within groups and nations, as well, in order to cleanse and purify humanity’s awareness. This cleansing of the negative energies is essential to help you move from the linear time 3rd dimensional levels into higher states of consciousness that take you forward into 4th and 5th dimensional space/time...where we would have you be! This means many expressions of negative attitudes and actions by many downtrodden or disempowered people will occur that may seem alarming to you. Just remember it is part of the consciousness shift you came to experience and utilize for the greater good of all.

While you observe these outer circumstances, just remember that the energy that feeds others to create their more strident desires is also available to you. It is the perfect moment, actually, for you to notice your own inner negativity and persevere through whatever changes you must make in yourself! As you release negative perceptions, emotions and actions, do this individually and purposefully—knowing that as you become a brighter beacon of light you affect and support other’s advancement. Indeed, beloveds, as you join with other people inside of various companies and organizations you begin to use the celestial power of COMMUNITY CREATIVITY.

When I came to earth long ago in those darker unconscious ages, I had to explain and identify the power of community creativity in simple terms such as...“Where two or more are gathered, there also is God’s assistance.”

So I remind you to use this celestial power in yourself —and with others—to increase national and international consciousness. Yes, this perseverance takes both courage and willingness. It truly requires deliberate perseverance by your personality to learn and grow so that your spirit is not limited in achieving the goals for which you came.

Beloveds, this is truly the potential moment of conscious advancement you have dreamt of, and now it is here, already partially achieved because you have done so much. We can only thank you with our deepest congratulations! And promise our further support as you notice and address the greater goal in sight to utilize both personal and community creativity. Then kindly let us surround your mission with our love as we ask you to increase your perseverance to move toward this achievable result. Kindly do this shifting with a gracious intensity so that healing and cleansing can be achieved at vital, innumerable levels.

Then may I come as your elder brother and invite you to consider making a plan to honestly examine any negative limitations which you, your family, and friends, may still hold inside the recesses of your cellular structure and emotional attitudes? For the more of these limitations you can release, the finer your energy field becomes, thus achieving more joy, peace and love within your nature. As you are cleansed you are not cleansed alone. Quite the opposite! We have continued for years to remind you that these higher positive electromagnetic energies, which will now be more resident in and around you, can automatically cause your own improved state of energy frequency. Then let us encourage you to extend that which you now possess.
Yes, dear ones, you can now more automatically share a positive affect on other people, animals, plants, trees, etc. as you release your dense and dreary feelings of past pain and suffering! Indeed, as the higher your own state of consciousness rises, you blossom with a more heavenly radiance that other people and living things can actually notice and experience!

For haven’t you been with someone who is having a really “upbeat day”—as you call it—and find your own spirit being lifted? You become happier just by their presence, for love and laughter are humanity’s most creative energies. Love and laughter are stronger than fear and they are divinely granted to your body and consciousness but they must deliberately be selected by you!

These incoming photon energies can affect you, much like the food at a buffet table, where you have so many different choices available in various forms. We recommend you look at the variety your daily spiritual buffet offers and choose what you wish to select that will bring you love, joy and peace.

As an example, when you wake up in the morning what part of the spiritual buffet will you choose? Will you immediately intend to have a good day? Please stop and think a moment. How do you usually leave sleep behind and enter into a new day’s consciousness?
I will pause here and ask you to think back over the past week and notice what pattern of daily awakening you have chosen. Don’t be critical, and please avoid any sense of blame—if it arises. Just notice...and of course, we understand that different days of the week and the events you’ve planned may discourage sameness....Pause now and recall what your most usual “morning awakening pattern” is...
Notice how and when you open your eyes and begin to move your body. How long does it take you to awaken? Are you a slow or a quick riser? There are no judgments; you are simply finding out what seems to be the most general pattern of “getting up” behavior you have.

Some people take time to meditate while others pause a moment to give gratitude to their soul and angels and teachers for their constancy and devotion. Indeed, if you do not meditate upon arising, which we recommend, do you at least use prayers, or blessings of gratitude, to start the day? Or minimally, do you deliberately choose a mood of pleasantness, harmony and peace? As creators during this extraordinary moment in human evolution, are you taking advantage of the new energy frequencies you are now receiving to create ongoing positive attitudes that are truly supportive to your everyday life?

If you notice and acknowledge that you are not starting the day feeling connected to spirit, what change might you decide to make so you truly feel loved as you start the day?

It is not too late to choose the life you have always desired by evaluating what new attitudes and activities are needed. Then you have the power to move toward them while you have this opportunity to be fed the divine light that is increasingly available. Believe me, starting the day in pleasantness and a readiness to open your eyes and move into positive action is “worth its weight in gold.”

Indeed, we watch many of you make a good start to the day, especially if you have slept well and feel physically healthy. For those who are ill and depressed, of course, the challenge exists to overcome the negative situation. This choice of beginning and maintaining peace every day may seem challenging, but the result of your accomplishment is monumental in its effect. Long ago, some churches and religious groups separated themselves from the distractions of the outer world. People were sequestered and the trials of the outside world were kept to a minimum by separating the sexes—with nuns and brothers living in separate housing. Some continue that practice even today.

Yet for those living in the secular world, we invite you to notice how you start your morning when you awaken. What thoughts do you have that consciously claim your connection to a greater power? At the least, do you deliberately start the day joyfully? We often notice that your list of daily things to do is quite lengthy, often labeled as important and appear more like work than joy. Indeed, many of you immediately turn your thoughts to the daily list you expect to accomplish before pausing to deliberately connecting with the power always available within.

Of course many people assume that they are permanently connected to spirit as a child of God, which is true. At the same time, with these extraordinary photon energies currently available, it may be wise to just acknowledge their availability and use them s frequently as possible!

We see so many families who never have even one person in the group capable of positive energy either before, during or after breakfast. Indeed, too few families do not even eat together in western technological countries these days—with everyone “doing their own thing” unless the children are very small and need individual care. A cheerful start to the day among families, or for any individual, contains the possibilities of many wonderful experiences or synchronicities because the person’s energy is high and focused on giving and receiving.

Then as the day proceeds, do you retain that sense of spiritual connectedness as you move among the many activities of your daily life? If you work in an office environment, or are busy elsewhere, do you bring something colorful or uplifting for your eyes to glance upon even during busy times? Something that lifts your spirit?

And most important of all, do you pick up your spiritual telephone connection to celestial realms and “touch base” several times a day to see if there is any important information of value awaiting your intention. Maybe a chance meeting that spirit is trying to arrange for you? Perhaps an unexpected and valuable contact you couldn’t imagine happening? Some people forget that their guides are always trying to provide helpful, joyful connections, but if you aren’t paying attention to the information they are trying to relay, you could miss many helpful things.

Ask yourself, dear one, as you use your physical telephone on earth—or your many new technological gadgets—is there a daily phone call to heaven you should be making that could be more informative than what you are receiving from earthly devices?

I have explained many times that since you have higher energy frequencies affecting you now—and since your experience of time has decreased—it is truly essential to keep connected with your guidance as frequently as possible. So brief and quiet pauses to turn your attention toward your spiritual support, throughout your day, can be enormously beneficial. For one thing it reinforces your belief that you always have spiritual help! And secondly, if gives you frequent practice to “tune in” for any emergency situation that might be essential. IT IS URGENT IN THESE CHANGING TIMES THAT EACH OF YOU REMAINS IN TOUCH WITH BOTH YOUR PHYSICAL WORLDLY HELP AND ALSO YOUR HIGHER GUIDANCE. Please, beloveds, I beseech you to realize the urgency of this advice!!

If you could see the many examples of humans who refuse to take the spiritual help that is being sent to them, and then have to suffer the horrific consequences when they don’t connect with their guidance, you would be shocked!

So tell everyone to believe in a higher power and ask to be guided and protected. And also be the creative person who intends to achieve the occurrences they want in their life. Each must ask—except for the children who don’t yet understand. Again we plead that people of every culture, gender, and nationality deliberately connect with their spiritual guidance consistently—long before any problems or major catastrophes occur!
Especially in these current times when nearly every negative emotion may be expressing somewhere in the world, wouldn’t it give you a feeling of safety to know how close you are to your spiritual guidance—should you need it? Now I must pause to clarify that these remarks are not meant to create any fear but rather to explain how fortunate you are to believe in a higher power and then trust that it is there. Again I thank those of you reading this material to pause a moment and sense within you the deep love we have for you.
Yes, pause a moment and just feel love energy surround you with its caring and peace.
...pause to feel your connection... then sigh,...pause...and sigh again.

It only takes a moment to remember you are the creative child of a great Mother/Father.
And to constantly reinforce your feeling of that eternal identity.

Please pause again and feel our love for a moment before I continue this sharing. Use the energy like a warm comforter around you and remember it is always there by your choosing!
Now, beloveds, I have already recommended that you begin each day by feeling connected to God in whatever way is best for you. And I have also recommended that it is vital to stay connected to your sacred self throughout the day in occasional, deliberate pauses. Now I wish to recommend how to end the day as you prepare for sleeping.

In fact, just as important as starting your day in spiritual connection, we advise that when you go to bed at night you end the day with some quiet prayers and deep gratitude—and also willingness to receive dreams of clarity and understanding. This combination will help you live your life to its fullest throughout all your daily activities and relationships. Some people like to meditate or pause for 15–20 minutes just to release the busyness of the day...whatever helps you remember that you are a spiritual being living here on earth in physical form.

By giving gratitude and asking for whatever pertinent information would be useful to make your life more helpful and joyful, you open the accelerated possibility of receiving valuable understandings...sometimes in unusual and profound ways. Each of you could write a story about some of the extraordinary experiences and synchronicities you have had in this life—could you not?

Now we realize that when you share a bed with another person there are complications that occur to disturb your own quietude and meditations times, so there must be negotiations about each person’s needs. There must be time for physical affection, and as parents, of course, you are frequently interrupted, and sometimes overwhelmed, by the immediate attention good parenting requires.

For women, the pregnancy and birthing of a child is an enormous dedication and one that should not be taken on lightly without support from other people. Kindly do all you can to prevent teen age pregnancy where family and community support may not be available for a vulnerable infant. And remember what we have told you about the baby’s brain needing the loving energy of its parents in order to ignite and develop the frontal lobe area where its spiritual and ethical capabilities reside. When you hear about the despicable things some people do, and you wonder how anyone could do such things, it could be a case of lovelessness during the person’s infancy causing an under stimulated frontal lobe brain function.

Beloveds, I have suggested that in these times of increasingly powerful high frequency photon energies, massive eruptions from your sun, and many other galactic forces you cannot presently understand, life on earth is shifting. The earth is undergoing changes and those of her residents are profoundly affected.
That is why we outline suggestions to make your transition easier! That is why we explain that as your consciousness begins to change, your experience of time is lessened. You are losing the familiarity of 24 hours of linear time and moving toward space oriented reality! In this new and higher consciousness, your 3rd dimensional experience of linear time with its comfortable stability is receding into a more fluid and creative arena of potentiality. This means you can be more instantly creative in achieving your desires and wishes than ever before! WHAT A JOY!
But even you dear ones who understand what is happening are still physical beings with bodies that require urgent adaptations during this era of transitions. And fear is usually a formidable personality aspect in humans when changes must be made—especially if they are not understood or chosen.
Of course your soul did choose to be here and experience these changes as part of a divine mission of growth and service— which is why we remind you again and again of who you really are and what you are doing here. You are the light of this 3rd dimensional reality using wisdom and love to help yourself and others make the change to higher consciousness as safely and comfortably as possible. You are part of a celestial team with a superb opportunity to use your many talents on behalf of this civilization’s transitional return to higher dimensional reality.
That is why I remind you that you must be constant and joyful in your perseverance to keep remembering the truth...and keep participating with your own personal courage. Once again we of heaven ask you to be joyful in your FAITHFUL PERSISTENCE...and join with others so you can wisely use this power of COMMUNITY CREATIVITY. These are the tools needed to more easily reach into the stars and a new experience of what you call space/time. Please use them now!

We have been with you throughout these thousands of earth years...teachers from many philosophies and religions...all urging you toward this major time of evolutionary growth. As your elder brother it has been my commitment to aid in teaching that the power of love is the greatest energy in existence. I have promised that in forgiving yourself and others of any imagined delinquencies, the negative energy is released into the blossoming of love where flowers thrive again.

This wisdom and love energy—this Mother/Father Creator’s gift to human evolution—is stirring within you in greater and greater intensity. The time to be persistently faithful is here.

Then today I once again call you forth in remembrance of who you are and why you are here.
Let us be about using the Mother/Father’s increasing power to take human evolution forward in consciousness, closer to the homeland of your fervent spiritual desires
Remembering the enormous strength of your spiritual essence until you can use its fullness once again, I surround you with celestial love and the courage to be faithfully persistent to love.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Eckhart Tolle on the Beauty of Today

Eckhart Tolle on the Beauty of Today
By Eckhart Tolle

Now trees

Some people feel ambivalent about anniversaries, birthdays and the like. Some even feel a little guilty when they think about the past, though the memories may be pleasant. "Am I avoiding the present moment?" they ask. They belong to a growing number of people who are "practicing presence" "—endeavoring to let go of an excessive and unhealthy preoccupation with past and future, and embrace the place where life happens.

There is a fine balance between honoring the past and losing yourself in it. For example, you can acknowledge and learn from mistakes you made, and then move on and refocus on the now. It is called forgiving yourself. Or you can carry a burden of guilt (self-identification with mistakes) for many years. You may occasionally fondly remember events, places, or people from the past and while doing so be accepting of the impermanence of all things. Or you may wallow in nostalgia and see the past as more precious than the present.

Be vigilant, so that you don't allow a burden of negative past to accumulate in your mind, in the form of guilt, regret, resentment, grievances, anger, and so on. Forgiveness happens naturally as soon as you realize that the past cannot prevail against the power of Presence.

The future, too, needs to be honored, without making it more important in your mind than the present. Of course, you can make plans, and you can hold an intention in your mind of something that you wish to manifest in your life, and then take appropriate action. But the power for creating a better future is contained in the present moment: You create a good future by creating a good present. How do you do that? By recognizing the goodness that is already inherent in the present moment, even in the midst of challenges. Discontent, blaming, complaining, self-pity cannot serve as a foundation for a good future, no matter how much effort you make.

Where to find that goodness when recession hits, when you lose your job, your home, when things seem to fall apart around you? In all the things that we tend to overlook: feeling the gentle breeze on your skin, the sunlight filtering through the clouds, the sound of the rain, the wagging tail of a dog, the shiny apple you are about to bite into. You notice the in-and-out flow of your breath, the feeling of aliveness inside your body. And then there is the beautiful stillness behind it all, which is deep within you. It is through gratitude for the present moment that the spiritual dimension of life opens up.

So let's celebrate our anniversaries as they arise. What we are really celebrating, though, is the present moment, the doorway into Spirit, and all there ever is. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 20th Wolf Moon /Leopard Moon

January 20th Wolf Moon / Leopard Moon
a time lapse picture in France, courtesy of Space Weather 

The Moon is called the Wolf Moon by the Native Americans in the North because in the midwinter when the land is covered by snow, the howling of the wolves can be clearly heard at night.

Can art or music inform the ego of Presence?

Can art or music inform the ego of Presence? 

a message from Eckhart Tolle
Thursday, 20 January, 2011 

Q:  I’ve experienced Presence through music, and it’s a very profound sense of Grace that I feel… I am being ‘played’, in a sense I am an instrument.  In a way, what we call instruments are voices.  My question is about this connection to the Creative, and the artifacts that come.  Does art and music inform the ego of Presence?  How does one be part of that manifestation but not get too involved, to keep the distance, so one doesn’t become to obsessed with that process?

ET:  On the one hand, you have the creative process - music, or art.  And then you have the finished product - the piece of music that is played, or the work of art that somebody contemplates.  

When you ask, “Can art or music inform the ego of Presence?” – the ego doesn’t know anything about Presence, so it can’t do that.  There needs to be some opening in the ego in order [for you] to be receptive to the power that is latent in music or art, that was created from that deep place.

There’s a lot of music and art that’s not necessarily created from that deep place, but the ego is trying to be clever.  Let’s talk about some piece of music or work of art that comes out of connectedness with Stillness, or Presence.  To some extent, the work of art or the piece of music still carries that energy field.  It can put [a person] in touch with the deeper dimension within.  A there’s a little bit of an opening is required.  If there’s only the density of the ego, then the transformational possibilities of art or music are not realized.  A little opening is required in the viewer, or the listener, and then it can be quite a wonderful thing to listen to music or to contemplate a work of art.  You can be transported, if only for a moment, into that alert stillness out of which it originally came.  That’s a beautiful thing.

Another aspect is “losing oneself” – going too deep, almost losing oneself in the ground out of which creativity comes.  In the creative process, there’s always a balance that’s needed, so that you don’t lose yourself in Being.  It could happen to an artist, it can happen to some people who awaken spiritually – they suddenly plunge so deeply into Being that they lose all interest in doing.  That happened to some spiritual masters, who spent several years being without doing anything.

For example, Ramana Maharshi in India had to be fed for several years because he would not even pick up food.  He was so immersed in Being that he just sat there.  People recognized something extraordinary about him – which they would not have done in the West – and they put food in his mouth.  But there was certainly a loss of balance, he could no longer function in this world.  This of course, is an extreme example.  Gradually, after a few years he was beginning to function again, and he was able to regain a balance between dealing with things out here and connectedness with Being.  In a slightly minor way it happened to me, when I lost interest completely in ‘doing’ and drifted around for two years.  It wasn’t a “problem” to me, it was only a problem to people who were watching me, or who knew me.  So there was a loss of balance for a while, but gradually the balance re-established itself.  I didn’t have a teacher, as such, so it turned out to be a natural process.

As long as you go within, and give form to that which is resting in the formless, be used by it – so that through you it can come into this world of form.  Don’t stay down there and lose yourself in it – that’s not necessary.  

Music is a wonderful way of getting in touch with the stillness within.  

For the listener, it is important not to become dependent, however, on anything external to enter the state of Presence.  Whereas music can be a help, there too needs to be a balance.  If the only time you can become still is when you listen to a certain kind of music, then that’s not quite it, because you are depending on something external to get in touch with that.  Use it as a help, and this is the same as a spiritual teacher or spiritual teaching – it can be a great help to listen to a tape or see a video, but don’t become totally dependent on that.  Every good spiritual teacher will tell you, when the time comes “enough is enough”.  The true teacher is within you.  What you see in me, that which you find so precious in me, must be in you - otherwise you wouldn’t see it.  A good teacher will always direct you back to yourself, and not foster any kind of dependency.

Knowing what is a help, using it, but not becoming dependent.  Eventually it is necessary for you to go there without any help.  You can still appreciate teachers, and teachings.  I love listening to other spiritual teachers if they come from a deep place, I have great joy, and I think “Wow, this is so wonderful”.  Or reading a spiritual book that comes from the deepest place – there’s still great joy in that.  It has nothing to do with needing, it’s enjoying a slightly different expression of the same deep truth.  It’s wonderful.  

Also, you can see it wherever it is – no matter in what form it is hiding.  You can see the truth shining through wherever it is hiding.  It might be hiding in some ancient religion, very deeply.  There you see it, shining through – there may be a lot of mythology around it, a lot of cultural beliefs around it, and yet deep down there you can see this is the truth, shining through all the mythology around it and so on.  It is who you are.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A New Zodiac: Fact or Fiction? A 13th Astrological Sign ?

A New Zodiac: Fact or Fiction? A 13th Astrological Sign ?  

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Friday, 14 January, 2011  (posted 19 January, 2011)

The Serpent Awakens
Shrouded in mystery, the serpent awakens. As humanity encounters the great healer Ophiuchus, we plunge once more into the depths of becoming. Rebirth awaits.

I am celebrating today the dawn of ancient light on Earth. Sort of.

Maybe you've already seen the headline. The Serpent Holder apparently had a press conference.

The mainstream mediasphere lit up this week with tales of a new zodiac. Yes, there is potentially a 13th sign of the zodiac known in ancient times, and it's re-emerging into the astrological lexicon today. Unfortunately, the news reports are hopelessly garbled, and the table that's circulating showing "new dates" of the astrological signs is flat-out wrong.

I'm hearing from people all over asking about this announcement and a so-called "new zodiac." This is a complex subject and one best approached with an open mind and open heart. It's not as simple as a new zodiac versus the old one. In fact, there are more than two, depending on how you look at it. The dates of the astrological signs, with Ophiuchus considered, do not shift the way the news reports show. Still, the mystery is intriguing.
For the record:1. There is no "new zodiac." There's a sidereal zodiac and a tropical zodiac, both very old. There are other zodiacs, as well, in various traditions.2. Yes, there is a constellation called Ophiuchus (or Serpentarius), and the Sun transits this region of the sky each December.3. Ophiuchus may or may not be a sign of the zodiac, depending on your perspective. If he is considered a sign, he fits between Scorpio and Sagittarius.The challenge in understanding all this lies in the difference between the sidereal and tropical zodiacs, which is an issue western astrologers may have to come to terms with sooner rather than later. The impending revolution of astrology is a topic for another day.Over the past few years I've put a lot of energy into teaching and publishing about this subject, including several blog posts during the Sun's transit of Ophiuchus in 2010 and a special initiatory journey into the heart of Serpentarius (Ophiuchus' other name) in December.